Creative Kids

Gloria Day with two creative kids.

Gloria Day with two creative kids.


Five years ago,  I was fortunate enough to meet Gloria Day, a poet, at the coffee shop I worked at in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We clicked over our creativity and decided to make a film together, that ended up winning the top place at our universities film festival. So we did the logical thing, and left the Midwest. 

Flash forward five years, and through different routes, both of us have ended up in Los Angeles, her for several years, and myself for a couple of months. Gloria has moved beyond writing our her inspiration, to putting it out into the world in a way that will have tangible results, by working with children. 

"Creative Kids" is a workshop her and her friend Jasmine Walker have started that provides a environment for children to explore the arts and find their creative voice. Many of these kids may have never had such an opportunity growing up in inner city Los Angeles and that is what makes this program incredibly important.

Gloria is now transitioning her bi-monthly workshop into a non-profit organization and is running a fundraising campaign to help cover the expensive costs associated with that. Please take a minute and watch this short video I produced that tells their story more eloquently than I could have written, and if it calls to you, please donate.